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Uniqode has 14+ years of experience with building web applications and websites as well as consulting clients on the software development project.



When IT is not your core business, it is wise to outsource software or web development. Software development is a complex matter. The best results require a high level of devotion and knowledge. Web development and setting up software projects is something that is settled in our DNA. We help you to take this off your hands with pleasure.

We can help you to do it yourself

When the software solution itself is your core business, the best thing to do is develop it yourself. This allows you to keep the knowledge and control over the product. When you don't have the needed knowledge or experience to start the development and set up process necessary for a successful outcome. Unicode can support and help you with In House development by providing guidance and support by consulting.

Software production

Strategy & Development

We always build modular software according to the single responsibility principle. This means that our code is made up of modules and each module only does one thing. This makes our software very well maintainable and scalable: if you want to change something, you just change the code in one place. If you want to add something, we just add a module for you!

We apply the principle of agile development with our clients. We plan but we don't make a lot of assumptions ahead of time. All of the software we build will be in a process of constant collaboration and feedback, with small iterations and updates all the time. This ensures that Uniqode develops something the client actually needs instead of something we think they need.


We can deliver custom made design for every customer, designed by experienced and skilled professionals. Every design is a perfect balance of optimal functionality, authenticity and client requirements. Total branding can also be delivered on request. 


At Uniqode we also highly value the maintenance of our services, specific web maintenance. In general, we prefer to perform the maintenance of the websites we build. At the end of every delivered website, you receive a proposal with our maintenance possibilities. Of course, you are in the lead if you like to outsource the maintenance somewhere else that's no problem.

You can also outsource website maintenance to Uniqode when you build your website somewhere else. 




Analyzing the project & Figuring out architecture and technology

Together with our customers, we try to find the right choice of technologies and architectures based on your needs. We truly want to understand your goals and the business, what is the application going to do and who are the users. Then, we decide the technologies. These are things you can’t change halfway. Sure, you can replace a person, but you can’t change these fundamentals overnight. So making the right decisions from the start is crucial.

Getting people on board

We can help you to build your ideal development team. We will find people suited to a particular role. This is where understanding technologies also play a big role but also understanding your business and personalities needed in a team.

Setting up processes and project execution

Stepping into the newly formed team, we define processes, effective communication channels and break larger goals into smaller deliverables. We introduce agile methods of work, continuous delivery, automatization, code reviews, functional/unit testing.



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